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GetFresh Ventures is a team of industry-leading specialists hand-picked from across the globe. Based in Vancouver, we consist of a full spectrum of best-in-class strategic, tactical, technological, and creative minds to design your growth.

We cut through the noise to bring clarity to your brand.

Diraj Goel

Founder & CEO

Diraj Goel is a serial entrepreneur and a thought leader in scaling fast-paced, high-growth tech-enabled companies. Diraj has been helping tech entrepreneurs with strategic planning and impactful scale-up strategies to get more clients, more profit, and more time off to enjoy who and what they love. He has helped CEOs and C-level executives grow their companies as well as boost their bottom line, exposing the blind spots that can hurt their company and damage its growth. He has helped others generate millions with his strategies and has scaled businesses from $10 million to $150 million. A growth advisor to over 10 high-growth startups, Diraj has previously worked with the BC Tech Association’s HyperGrowth program.

His experiences have taught him to anticipate and solve for the bottlenecks that prevent companies from achieving massive growth. Sometimes, it's that the teams aren't structured properly, or that they don't have access to the right data. Frequently, they just don't know where to start because it's their first time scaling a company. Diraj helps these companies identify the right challenges to focus on at the right time and implement solutions that allow for more sustained and rapid growth.

He is a father of two, 90s rap fan, and champagne aficionado.

Brian Soregaroli

VP, Strategy

25 years experience in the resource and development sectors and I provide strategic management skills and experience with strength in both technical and ‘soft’ aspects of project and corporate success.

Specialties: Uncovering what holds back progress, removing obstacles and getting results, strong on both technical and "soft" skills, proven abilities in strategic planning, venture financing (Canada, US, UK, Europe), corporate development, operations, problem solving, negotiations, marketing, communications, data management, mentorship, coaching and motivation, environmental affairs, and public speaking

Marc Bitanga

VP, Growth

A marketing executive, entrepreneur & startup advisor, Marc has over 20yrs experience in the technology industry with a track record of leading growth marketing programs for companies like Hootsuite, EA & SAP. Marc's experience spans launching and selling his first ecommerce company in 2008 to leading global customer acquisition as a growth marketing executive.

Today, Marc leads Agencio, the growth marketing agency that serves notable brands such as Visier, Destination BC and others. He also supports startups as a growth advisor, most recently as the Advisor for Treemark Capital.

Marc shares his insights on growth, marketing & startups as the host of the Growing Pains podcast, and through essays on platforms such as Quora, Medium & LinkedIn.

Jihad Hassan

Director, Business Development

Jihad is a strategic marketing expert and user design affaciando. His speciality is meeting client brand objectives based on insight and data. He has maximized customer reach and conversion via creative use of advertising, communications, and marketing campaign architecture to build scalable messaging across all digital channels. He has done his masters in social entrepreneurship and management from the University of British Columbia.

Harsimran Malhi

Director, Business Planning

Harsimran has 7+ years of experience in strategic planning & implementation, business process and operational improvement, business planning, and corporate finance. His speciality is using rigorous data analysis to arrive at unbiased recommendations, and then driving those recommendations to results. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Oxford, UK, and was the first person from his city to get educated at the University of Oxford. Post-MBA, He has been helping high-growth start-ups in their business strategy and financial modelling in Indonesia, UK, and now in Canada. Prior to that, he has worked in Middle-east and India with Fortune 500 companies. He has also done level II of Chartered Financial Analyst program.

Outside work, he can be found exploring nature trails and parks in BC, or reading literary classics while relaxing on his couch.   

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